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East Snohomish County and
Skykomish Valley


Snotrac's East Snohomish County Transportation Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month, 1-2 p.m.  Contact Brock Howell at for additional meeting information.

This subarea committee focuses on the US2 Corridor that includes the cities and towns of Snohomish, Monroe, Sultan, Gold Bar, and Index, as well as Baring and Skykomish.

Community Mobility Survey

We're currently surveying mid-county residents on their transportation needs. 
Take the survey >>

Current Priorities

  1. To be determined based on partner and community input.

Stakeholders who regularly attend

  • Town of Skykomish

  • Town of Gold Bar

  • Town of Index

  • City of Sultan

  • City of Monroe

  • Community Transit

  • Homage Senior Services

  • many others

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