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Transit Guide for North Snohomish County


Island Transit's Route 1C


Island Transit’s Route 1C operates on weekdays in a counter-clockwise direction in the northern end of Camano Island.

Upon rider request, the driver will deviate from the standard route to take the rider to Cama Beach or Arrowhead Road.

Learn more about Route 1C

Island Transit's Go! Zone 2C


Island Transit Go! provides a flexible and convenient alternative to fixed route services designed to improve connections to transit hubs and popular destinations such as shopping centers and grocery stores. The app-based technology matches multiple riders headed in a similar direction into a single vehicle, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips.

The Zone 2C service area is for the southern and eastern sides of Camano Island.  Zone 2C operates on weekdays, 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Learn more about Go! Zone 2C

Island Transit's Route 3C


Island Transit’s Route 3C operates on weekdays, connecting Terry’s Corner on Camano Island with destinations in Stanwood.

Learn more about Route 3C

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Stanwood - Arlington


Community Transit's Route 240


Community Transit operates the Route 240 that connects Stanwood, Warm Beach, and Smokey Point, seven days per week. Standard fares apply.

Learn more about Route 240

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Lincoln Hill's Snow Goose Transit


Snow Goose Transit is a “flex route” service operated by the Lincoln Hill Retirement Community, based in Stanwood, that is free and open to the public.

  • With prior reservation, people with mobility issues can receive door-to-door pick-ups/drop-offs that are off route.  

  • To schedule an off-route pick-up, call 360-629-7403 ext. 101 at least 24 hours in advance, between 7 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri). 

  • Snow Goose uses 13-passenger mini-buses that are wheelchair accessible.

  • Snow Goose only operates on weekdays.

  • No fares are charged, but donations are encouraged.

Learn more about Snow Goose Transit

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Arlington - Darrington


Community Transit Routes 220 and 230

Community Transit operates Route 220 as an hourly service between Smokey Point and Downtown Arlington, Monday-Friday and on the weekends. 

In addition, the Route 230 provides roundtrip service to Darrington each morning and evening, Monday-Friday. 

Community Transit fares on local buses are $2.50 per ride, reduced for eligible riders (disabled, age 65+, or income-qualified), and free for youth 18 & younger.

Learn more about:

Homage's D'Arling Direct


Homage operates the D’Arling Direct from Smokey Point to Darrington.  The service is free and open to the public, and operates every day except holidays.

Homage will pick up anyone waiting at a Community Transit bus stop from Broadway St & E Gilman Ave in Arlington to Seeman St & Fullerton Ave in Darrington.

With 24-hour prior scheduling, the D’Arling can provide curb-to-curb pick-up/drop-off within a 3/4ths mile of the route for people with disabilities.  Call 425-423-8517.

Learn more about the D'Arling Direct

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Darrington - Concrete


Sauk Suiattle's DC Direct


The Sauk-Suiattle Tribe operates the DC Direct transit service between Darrington and Concrete on weekdays, except designated holidays.


  • The service is free and open to the public.

  • With 48-hour prior scheduling, the DC Direct can provide individuals with curb-to-curb service within Darrington, on the Sauk-Suiattle Reservation, and within Concrete. Call 360-436-0121x288.

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Connecting from the DC Direct to the 70X, 230, and D'Arling

Getting from the Sauk-Suiattle Reservation to either Mount Vernon or Arlington has never been easier.  The schedule of the DC Direct has been timed to make seamless connections with Skagit Transit’s Route 70X to Mount Vernon and Community Transit’s Route 230 and Homage’s D’Arling Direct to Arlington.

Learn more about the DC Direct

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Skagit Transit's 717 Flex

The 717 Flex provides service to dedicated bus stops on a regular schedule, and can also “flex” up to three-fourths of a mile from its route onto approved roads to assist those who have difficulty accessing stops.  This service is available to everyone; however, advance reservations are required. day except holidays.

Learn more about Route 717 Flex.

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Concrete - Mount Vernon

Skagit Transit's Route 70X


Skagit Transit’s 70X bus runs five round trips each weekday and twice on Saturday between Concrete and Mount Vernon. ​

Learn more about Route 70X.

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Mount Vernon - Stanwood

Island Transit's Route 411C


Island Transit’s Route 411C operates on weekdays, connecting Terry’s Corner on Camano Island with Stanwood and Mount Vernon.

Island Transit has no fares.

Learn more about Route 411C.

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Camano/Stanwood Commuter Buses


Island Transit's Route 412C

Route 412C connects Camano and Stanwood with Everett Community College and Everett Station.  Learn more about Route 412C.

Community Transit's Route 247

Route 247 connects Stanwood with Seaway Transit Center in Southwest Everett.  Learn more about Route 247.

Community Transit's Route 422

Route 422 connects Stanwood with Downtown Seattle.  Learn more about Route 422.

Mount Vernon Commuter Bus


Skagit Transit's 90X

Route 90X connects Burlington and Mount Vernon with Everett Station.  Fares on the 90X are $2 per trip for adults.  Learn more about Route 90X.

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Community Transit DART


Community Transit’s DART (Dial-A-Ride Transportation) is an on-demand ride sharing service that provides transportation for Snohomish County residents who cannot access or use Community Transit’s fixed-route bus service due to a disability or other condition.

DART is like the fixed-route bus service but with more flexibility. DART users ride with other people and can be delivered within three-fourths of a mile of Community Transit’s local fixed-route bus service. Hours for using DART are limited to the same schedule as the buses traveling in the service area.

Who can use DART?
To qualify, DART paratransit riders must be 6 years or older, and must meet the criteria as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Qualified DART riders have one or more disabilities that prevents them from:

  • Getting to or from a fixed-route bus stop

  • Waiting for a fixed-route bus

  • Getting on or off a fixed-route bus

  • Being able to ride a fixed-route bus or to understand and follow transit instructions


How do I apply to use DART?
All riders applying for paratransit must meet with an Eligibility Specialist for an assessment interview to ensure that paratransit is the right transit option for them. Assessment interviews are customized to each person’s mobility, sensory, and cognitive ability. During the interview, you will be asked about your experience riding transit, and may be asked to do activities to check your balance, strength, coordination, and range of motion. To schedule a Rider Assessment Interview, call 425-347-5912.

How do I schedule a DART trip?
Before you can use or book a trip with DART, you must first qualify for eligibility.
There are two ways to schedule a DART trip:

  • Call (425) 347-5912, TTY Relay: 711 Monday through Friday between 5:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.; weekends and holidays: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Use the Community Transit DART App

You may request trips for the next day and up to seven days in advance. Be sure to request round-trip service if needed.

DART fares are the same as for Community Transit’s local bus trips.

  • Adults: $2.50/ride or $90 monthly pass

  • Youth (18 & younger): Free

  • Reduced Fares for ORCA LIFT, 65+, Disabled, and Medicare

Learn more about DART

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Homage's Transportation Assistance Program (TAP)


The Transportation Assistance Program (TAP), provides curb-to-curb transportation service to disabled people of any age outside of Everett and the DART service area, to people age 55 or older, and to low income people of any age.  TAP’s primary service area is rural Snohomish County.

Operated by Homage Senior Services, TAP can assist with transportation to healthcare, employment, congregate meal sites, shopping, schools, senior centers, recreation, and more.

Who can use TAP?
Riders must be screened by Homage staff to determine eligibility.  Eligible riders may include:

  • Disabled people of any age outside of Everett and the DART service area.

  • People age 55 and older.

  • Low income people of any age.​

How do I apply to use TAP?
All new riders must complete a quick over the phone application by calling 425-423-8517 or emailing Homage staff are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., to assist.

Rates are $1.75/ride. Riders can purchase 20 one-way tickets for $35. Drivers carry tickets for sale. Riders must have exact amounts or a check payable to “Homage TAP”, as drivers do not carry cash.

Learn more about TAP

Additional Paratransit Services

All public transit agencies are required to provide paratransit services for people with disabilities up to three-fourths of a mile from the agency's fixed-route transit service.  Learn more about other agencies' paratransit services:

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Homage's Pay Your Pal

If you have a disability that prevents you from driving and you don’t live near accessible public transportation or within an area with reliable TAP service, Homage Senior Service’s Pay Your Pal may be able to help. 

Pay Your Pal helps reimburse your volunteer driver for the cost of travel. Your volunteer driver could be your friend, neighbor, or family with a safe operational vehicle. They must also be fully licensed and insured.

How does this program work?

Once you are determined eligible, you will establish a transportation plan in which you decide when and where you want to go. You must also find your driver and organize and schedule your rides. 

Because of the limited amount of funding, the allocation of funds will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Rider’s needs, use, and eligibility will be reassessed annually.

Who can use Pay Your Pal?

You must live in Snohomish County, have a disability, cannot access public transportation (including DART).

How do I sign-up?

Because of the limited amount of funding, the allocation of funds will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Rider’s needs, use, and eligibility will be reassessed on an annual basis.

Apply by contacting Homage at:

Learn more about Pay Your Pal

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Community Transit provides vans for commuters to share trips to work together.  Employers will often help pay for part or all of the cost.

Vanpooling allows you to ride with people who you know and provides greater flexibility in choosing a time to depart. A monthly fare covers all costs, including gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance. If there’s an emergency, the program guarantees a free alternative ride home.

If you are interested in establishing a vanpool program for trips unrelated to work, please email


CT Vanpool.jpg



Community Transit


Swift & Local Bus Routes and DART

  • Adults: $2.50/ride or $90 monthly pass

  • Youth (18 & younger): Free

  • Reduced Fares for ORCA LIFT, 65+, Disabled, and Medicare: $1.25/ride


  • Adults: $4.25/ride or $153 monthly pass

  • Youth (18 & younger): Free

  • Reduced Fares for ORCA LIFT, 65+, Disabled, and Medicare: $2/ride


D’Arling Direct

  • Free for everyone

DC Direct

  • Free for everyone

Homage TAP

  • $1.75/ride

Island Transit

  • Free for everyone

Skagit Transit

  • Adults: $1/ride

  • Youth (18 & younger): Free

  • Reduced fare options for age 65+, Medicare, veterans, and persons with disabilities: 50¢/ride

  • Fares on the 80X and 90X are double the standard fare.

Snow Goose Transit

  • Free / Donation​

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Bicycling to Transit


A great way to get to and from transit is by bicycle.  Community Transit, Island Transit, and Skagit Transit vehicles are equipped with bicycle racks on the front so you can take your bike with you.  

Bicycle lockers with an hourly rental fee of 5¢/hour are available at the Stanwood I-5 Park & Ride and Smokey Point Transit Center.  To access the lockers, you can either download an app for free onto your smart phone or purchase a card.  Visit for more details.


If you lock your bicycle to a bike rack, be sure to secure it with a quality lock such as a steel U-lock, fixing the frame and at least one wheel to the rack.  Learn more tips on how to properly lock your bike at

In the event your bicycle is stolen, you will want to have saved a description, serial number, and photos of your bike.  A great place to save this information is, a website run by a nonprofit that has helped recover nearly $25 million worth of bikes.  Registering bikes on Bike Index is free.


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