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Camano-Stanwood Mobility Study

About the Study


In 2018, Snotrac spearheaded the creation of the North Counties Transportation Coalition to address transportation challenges for people who live in North Snohomish County, South Skagit County, and Camano Island. 


Early conversations led to prioritizing the study the feasibility of a new transportation service to connect Camano, Stanwood, and Arlington.  Our primary partners on this study included the Stanwood Community & Senior Center, Camano Center, Community Resource Center of Stanwood-Camano, the Stillaguamish Tribe, the Island Regional Transportation Organization, and Community Transit.

We were successful in securing funding to conduct the feasibility study, which was completed during the late summer, early fall of 2020.  Based on the study's findings, Stanwood Community & Senior Center applied for a state grant to fund a pilot transportation service, which is expected to launch in the fall of 2021.

About the Pilot Project

Stanwood Community & Senior Center will launch a new transportation service for the Camano, Stanwood, and Arlington area in Fall 2021.


Two vans will operate on a “flex route transit” model with a set route, which can deviate for scheduled door-to-door pick-ups and drop-offs.  For door-to-door services, people will need to schedule rides a day in advance.  The pricing structure is still being evaluated.

Why is it being launched?

The new transportation service is a pilot project aimed at addressing a significant mobility gap that exists in seamlessly connecting Camano Island, Stanwood, and Arlington—especially for seniors and people with mobility challenges. Existing fixed route transit services are not frequent enough and do not make needed connections to important destinations, and existing paratransit services do not adequately extend over county lines, frequently are unreasonable in length, and do not serve all people.


The coming transportation service will be a pilot project to test the viability and effectiveness of addressing this key mobility gap, better connecting people to community centers, downtowns, grocery stores, and medical appointments.

Proposed Route Map

The new transportation service will be a “flex route” service, meaning that it will operate on a set route, yet can pick people up from their front door if the trip is scheduled in advanced.  Two vans will operate at a time, providing service to Camano Island, Stanwood, and Arlington.

You can help name the future transportation service that will connect Camano Island, Stanwood, and Arlington.

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Example Service Schedule

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