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Week Without Driving​

Snotrac partners with Disability Rights Washington for the Week Without Driving Challenge.


In 2022, the challenge will be held September 19-25.

For one week in September, public officials and community leaders across Washington State will commit to getting around without driving.

In its second year, Disability Rights Washington's "Week Without Driving" puts these leaders in the lived experience of people with disabilities. They are literally walking in someone else's shoes.

Much of our communities have been engineered to get around by a car.  But approximately a quarter of Washingtonians lack the ability to drive.  These individuals, especially if they are already have physical limitations or less income, quickly become isolated.

People in Snohomish County's areas underserved by transit are 240% more likely to say they will never take transit than people in well-served areas.  Yet, people who are transportation-dependent, such as people with disabilities and low incomes, are 3-times more likely to use transit than transportation-independent individuals. As a result, dependent individuals, especially in rural areas, are more isolated and have greater difficult getting and holding a job.


  • 7.7x transportation-independent individuals hold jobs than transportation-dependent individuals.

  • 2.2x transportation-independent individuals reported taking a trip for non-commute purposes at least once in the past week than transportation-dependent individuals.


To make our communities more accessible, we need to: expand transit and paratransit services, improving walking and bicycling infrastructure, ensure the transportation infrastructure is designed for people with disabilities, and build compact communities where housing, shopping, schools, jobs, and services are located within walking and rolling distances.

By putting community leaders in the shoes of people who cannot drive, the Week Without Driving helps create empathy toward their constituents and helps inform their perspectives and future decision-making.

Join the Week Without Driving

If you are an elected official, public agency official, or other community leader, we would love for you to join the 2022 effort, September 19-25.

Throughout the week, we will encourage you to post about your experience on social media using the #WeekWithoutDriving hashtag.  You can get around however you want, but you can’t drive yourself in any car.  This applies to all your activities — not just your work commute. If you normally transport other family members or friends, it applies to those trips too.


You can ask someone else to drive you, but make a note of how much you “owe” this person in their time, and if you felt obligated to support them in other ways (i.e., doing all the dishes). You can use ride-hail or taxis, but note how much it costs you.

This isn’t a disability simulation or a test of how easily you can find alternatives. We know that it is far easier to give up your keys if you can afford to live in a walkable area well served by transit, or can outsource your driving and other transport and delivery needs to other people.

We want you to have this experience so you can start to understand the barriers nondrivers experience in accessing your (and our) communities.


  • Email Ed Engel, Snotrac Mobility Justice Advocate, at to let us know you want to participate.

  • And complete the signup form on Disability Rights Washington's website.

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