How to Get to Snohomish County Vaccination Sites


If you are a senior, disabled, veteran, or have Medicaid, you may have additional options for how to get to your vaccination site.  The interactive map shows the current vaccination sites across the state, which you can narrow to Snohomish County.   Below the map you will find a listing of transportation options that may be available to you to get to these vaccination sites. You may also find helpful in finding a transportation option that fits your needs.


Vaccination Locations

The map is created and maintained by the Washington State Department of Health

Your Transportation Options

Besides driving, biking, or walking to the vaccination site, here are other ways to get there.

Transit Routes

Community Transit, Everett Transit, and Sound Transit provide fixed-route transit service in Snohomish County.  Most vaccination sites are near a transit stop.  You can use Community Transit’s trip planner or a third-party mapping option such as Google Maps or Apple Maps to find the route that will work best for you. The map above has identified the closest transit routes to each vaccination site.


Are You a Senior?


Do You Have a Disability?

All agencies who provide trips for seniors also provide trips for people with disabilities.  In addition, Community Transit’s DART service provides door-to-door service for residents with disabilities who live outside of Everett but within 3/4ths of a mile of Community Transit’s fixed-route bus routes.  To be eligible for Everett Para Transit, Homage's TAP, or Community Transit's DART, you must be approved for eligibility.


Do You Have Medicaid Healthcare Insurance?

Medicaid covers non-emergency medical transportation trips.  To plan a trip, contact Hopelink at 855-766-7433.


Are You a Veteran?

Catholic Community Services provides transportation options for veterans. Contact Geraldine Atwater at 425-374-6336 or to schedule a trip.


Are You a Tribal Member?


Understanding Snohomish County's Paratransit Service Areas

There are three main paratransit services that cover the entire county to provide door-to-door service for people with disabilities.


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